15 Feb

Juventus hopes to capitalize on Dortmund’s struggles

Juventus are the reigning champions in Italy and they have good reasons to expect another comfortable victory at the end of the season. They already have plenty of points ahead of AS Roma who suffered another major setback in front of its fans, by failing to win against the last place Parma. Everything is going according to the plan and the next …

20 Oct

Madison Bumgarner to pitch in opening game

Compared to the team that won two World Series over the last decade, San Francisco is relying on players that have a lot to prove. The key features and a couple of veterans will be present in the final series of the postseason, but some of them have been banished. Tim Lincecum for example won’t be playing against Kansas City, with several …

30 Sep

Overpaid Phillies fail miserably in 2014

failing miserably, but those who sympathize with Philadelphia are going through a rough stretch. This team enjoyed a huge budget at the start of the regular season and many were expecting them to be a contender for the playoffs. The fact that they spent in excess of $180 million on a roster that was simply abysmal is probably one of the worst …

10 Aug

Kansas City can hit two birds with one stone

Kansas City are on a scoring spree and with nine victories in the last 10 games, they have a decent chance at overtaking Detroit for the lead. The Royals have won six games in a row and are just one victory away from sweeping San Francisco in front of their fans. It would be a remarkable performance for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in a …

25 Jul

Baltimore seeks rare victory over Hernandez

Seattle is not exactly the best team in baseball and they were not a serious contender for the World Series in the last couple of years. One thing that they do quite well is to defend in front of their fans and for the time being Safeco Field is a fortress that visitors would rather avoid. On a regular day it is difficult even for the best scoring …

22 Jun

Oakland seeks historic home sweep over Boston

Boston is slowly but surely fading in the East division and they are now trailing the leading Toronto by eight points. Despite having one of the best offensives among all teams in the American League, the Red Sox are struggling with a negative record and would need to score 18 more runs without conceding one just breakeven. Overall, things are …

27 May

Detroit tries to end lengthy slide in Oakland

The Tigers have invested a lot of money in starting pitchers, with the intention of finally winning the World Series, but so far it looks like the money was thrown down the drain. Not only these starting pitchers failed to dazzle their audience with their impeccable performance, but they had a hard time keeping the ship afloat. Add to this the …

28 Apr

The hottest teams in the American League go head to head

The West division in the American League just got crowded as a result of Houston joining, but once again it looks like Oakland and Texas will be playing for the first place. Both teams have a decent chance at securing a playoffs berth, but none of them should underestimate the LA Angels. They currently sit in the third place, but remain within …

28 Mar

A last chance for the Maple Leafs in 2014

Time is quickly running out for Toronto, a team that was virtually qualified for the playoffs just two weeks ago. Things went terribly wrong since then and now the Maple Leafs are on the verge of missing the postseason while matching their longest losing streak in eight years. Six consecutive defeats have virtually crippled the Canadians and made …

28 Feb

Chicago Cubs lose debut game at new venue

It is disappointing to say the least to lose the opening game at your new stadium, but this is. The fans flocked to the new arena, hoping that the team will improve in 2014 after another disappointing season, but they witnessed yet another defeat. This time the visiting team prevailed by five runs to two, despite the fact that Samardzija pitched …

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