Archive for September, 2012

29 Sep

The last nail in Chicago’s coffin

Tampa Bay is about to seal the White Sox fate by preventing them to win what appears to be a decisive series. Their rivalry with the Tigers is as intense as ever, and Detroit has a slim lead over them but a far more simple schedule. Despite suffering a slight setback in the opening game of the series played against the Twins, they will have …

26 Sep

Tampa Bay is living on the edge

The Rays are still four games behind the wildcard leading Orioles while the Yankees have a five games lead, with only a week left in the regular season. Winning the division is no longer possible, but, they can still snatch the wildcard is they find a way to expand their six-game winning streak. Boston seems to be the ideal opponent, as the Red …

20 Sep

Pirates need to end the slide

Exactly two months ago, Pittsburgh was tied for the lead in the central division with Cincinnati, and now the Pirates are struggling to capture the second wildcard. The decline began in late July, but things turned from bad to worse and September threatens to cause a rock-bottom career burnout. The series with the Brewers was regarded as the most …

17 Sep

Do or die situation for Detroit

The Tigers are traveling to Chicago for the last game of the series with their divisional rivals in a match that they can’t afford to lose. Detroit already took two of three games in the series, before the final match was postponed and will resume tonight. They are trying to close the two victories gap and win the division, because this is their …

14 Sep

Washington closes the deal in National League

Now that a playoffs berth is almost a certainty, Washington needs just a couple of wins to secure its victory in the National League and enjoy the home page advantage in all games. They have a good chance of becoming the team with the best record in baseball this year, which will really matter if the Nationals gets to play the World Series. For …

11 Sep

Toothless Tigers dealt finishing blow

The central division is contested by two teams and for the time being, the White Sox have the first chance of winning it. The stakes couldn’t be higher, because given the form and record of the teams playing in the East and West, only winning the central division seems to insure a playoff berth. Chicago and Detroit alternated at the top and until …

8 Sep

Back in the game without their Ace

LA Angels have lost Jered Weaver due to tendinitis and will have to make it into the playoffs without their ace. So far so good, as they won the opening match against the Tigers and will be cruising towards another victory tonight if C.J Wilson can continue his upsurge following a string of 11 games without a win. He will be opposed by Verlander, …

3 Sep

Oakland cruises to its 10th consecutive victory

Few people expected the Athletics to be tied with the Yankees at 76 victories, with one month left in the regular season. Even so, Oakland will not settle for the wildcard and will continue its push for the division title, despite the fact that the Rangers have a three points lead. With nine consecutive victories, the A’s can make it to double …

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