Archive for December, 2012

23 Dec

Raul Ibanez joins the Mariners

Seattle has been bleeding quality players ever since the regular season ended, and it seemed like the Mariners gave up all hope. Some positive signs are finally showing, as Raul Ibanez agreed to a $2.75 million contract with the potential of rounding up the total to $4 million if he performs above expectations in 2013. says that the rumor is …

15 Dec

NY Yankees add Suzuki to their lineup

Not a week passes without the New York Yankees signing another player and it appears like this club is a bottomless pit of money. A quick glance at their roster wouldn’t suggest the fact that they were needing another power hitter, but this didn’t prevent the Yankees from closing a $13 million deal with Ichiro Suzuki. He played for several years …

8 Dec

Boston rebounds after abysmal season

It seemed like no matter what the Red Sox would do to safeguard the recently concluded season, nothing would deliver results. Now that it is all over, Boston needs to look towards the future and rebound by making some inspired acquisitions without spending a fortune in the process. The first moves are encouraging and signing Koji Uehara for two …

2 Dec

Rivera gets another chance with the Yankees

It took the Yankees long enough to for another season, but eventually the club and the 43-year-old player reached an agreement. He had to accept a slight decrease in his one-year contract, but in exchange of receiving only $10 million, he can earn additional amounts by winning the MVP award, on either the World Series or the league championship. …

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