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28 Jan

Oakland has big plans for 2013

Anyone who has seen the movie Moneyball, knows that Oakland is the kind of team that is used to achieving formidable results with very little money. Billy Beane is regarded as the architect of the team, and the general manager has plenty of things to look forward to in 2013. Unlike the previous years when the A’s had low expectations and hopes …

20 Jan

The Giants do the right thing with Buster Posey

For a team that has recently won the World Series in a fascinating manner, it is a bit surprising to see the lack of interest in acquiring vital players. While San Francisco can be satisfied with the current roster and only contemplate the opportunity of signing top players, it would’ve been a mistake not to keep Buster Posey. The Giants were …

13 Jan

Francisco Liriano deal on hold

Not so long ago, Francisco Liriano was a sought-after pitcher that some of the best MLB clubs were hoping to sign. He played for seven consecutive seasons in major league baseball, but the final year was perhaps the least successful one. As his earned run average climbed to 5.34, one point higher than his average for all seven seasons, Francisco …

1 Jan

Tejada settles for minor league deal

The 30-year-old infielder who used to be the AL MVP for consecutive times, had to settle for a minor league deal with the Royals in 2013. The last time he played in the majors was back in 2011 with the Giants, and since then he struggled to find his way back to MLB. The fact that Kansas City offered him a one-year deal worth $1.1 million with the …

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