Archive for March, 2013

30 Mar

Justin Verlander is worth $200 million

Everyone knew that Justin Verlander is a very valuable pitcher, but until recently nobody was able to state with absolute confidence how much he is worth. The Detroit Tigers made it clear for everyone that $200 million are not too much for their best player and went against common baseball rules stating that pitchers shouldn’t be given long-term …

17 Mar

Washington needs to meet high expectations

Last season was terrific in regulation time and not so great in the playoffs, because after finishing with the best record in baseball the Nationals failed to win the World Series. There are a couple of reasons for why they are entitled to stay optimistic in 2013 and the bookmakers already took notice by adjusting the odds.

The most …

4 Mar

Cuba obliterates China in World Baseball Classic

American media and baseball fans might not be paying a lot of attention to the World Baseball Classic, but the international competition has reached its second stage. There are very few surprises, and the fact that Cuba defeated China is a rather predictable result, but what makes this match worth mentioning is . They have scored 12 runs without …

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