Archive for August, 2013

30 Aug

A star returns to revive Philadelphia

Not so long ago Roy Halladay was one of the best assets for Toronto and when the starting pitcher left the team for Philadelphia, everybody expected him to become a world champion. For many years, he suffered from insufficient support and the Blue Jays were incapable of making the playoffs, something that the Phillies were expected to deliver …

13 Aug

LA Angels aim for rare win at Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees won 7/9 games against Los Angeles Angels at home and with CC Sabathia as starting pitcher they should only improve their percentage. This is what things look on paper, because the reality is very different and their once stellar pitcher is struggling to avoid his 11th defeat this season. He conceded an average of five runs per …

1 Aug

Nothing lasts forever in the Central division

Both central divisions are very competitive and several teams are contending for the first place, while the wildcard is a very elusive target. In the National League St. Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are well placed to make a late season run for the title, but in the American League only Cleveland and Detroit have a real chance at making the …

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