Archive for January, 2014

28 Jan

Arizona sets the bar high for 2014

After winning exactly half of the 162 games played in 2013, the Diamondbacks have realized that in order to make the playoffs and have a chance at the World Series, they need to invest more. Last season, they had just $90 million to spend, the 20th budget in the league, but they’ve added almost $20 million on top of that. As a result, they have …

9 Jan

Tom Glavine joins the Hall of Fame

these days and not surprising, the one that everyone is talking right now is Greg Maddux. His addition came as no surprise and the fact that he was elected almost unanimously only confirms the fact that he played a major role in improving the game. It would be unfair not to say a few words about Tom Glavine who was also a remarkable pitcher and …

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