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Atletico Madrid continues pursuit of Champions League trophy

Atletico Madrid is not going to let a couple of minor setbacks the stratum from the bigger goal and they remain in hot pursuit of the first Champions League trophy. They missed out on a great opportunity last season when they were defeated by Real Madrid, yet they managed to reach the final act of the competition. It is not a small achievement and this time they want to go all the way, as it is increasingly obvious that winning the domestic championship is not an easy task.FBL-ESP-LIGA-GETAFE-ATLETICO

On one hand, they try to defend the title, on the other they have their sights locked on another trophy and fighting a war on two fronts is never easy. The good news is that they take on Leverkusen, who is hardly the best team in the Champions League and the Germans have huge problems in their defenses. Wolfsburg scored five times on the road and this says a great deal about how permeable their backline is, something that Atletico Madrid should be able to exploit.

Without being an overly aggressive formation when playing on the road, Atletico Madrid has Griezmann and Mandzukic in great shape. These two players have dismantled Real Madrid a couple of days ago, so they are entitled to be optimistic about their chances to score in Germany. The home side can’t properly defend even if he tries, but the strategy is to score one more goal than the opponents. This has worked pretty good in the Bundesliga, but it is very likely to backfire in this fixture.

Atletico Madrid the night Real Madrid the chance to score a single goal, which is a remarkable achievement given the fact that their opponents are the top scoring team in Spain. The obvious bet for this fixture is to credit the visiting team not to lose on the road and the draw no bet wager is by far the best choice. Most bookmakers offer odds of 1.90 for this outcome, which is very generous but these odds are expected to drop as kickoff draws near.