Baltimore seeks rare victory over Hernandez

25 Jul 2014 by admin, Comments Off on Baltimore seeks rare victory over Hernandez

Seattle is not exactly the best team in baseball and they were not a serious contender for the World Series in the last couple of years. One thing that they do quite well is to defend in front of their fans and for the time being Safeco Field is a fortress that visitors would rather avoid. On a regular day it is difficult even for the best scoring squads to send many balls out of the ballpark and the winning team usually has to settle for a narrow margin victory.orioles

Things are going to be even worse for Baltimore, who travel to Seattle knowing that they will be facing one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball. Hernandez is not only an ace but also a very reliable player, capable of performing at the same level for a lengthy period of time. In 2014 he won 11/13 decisions and he never needed too much support from his players, because he allowed an average of two runs per match. The starting pitcher will be hard pressed to replicate that performance against the Orioles who have greatly improved their offensive, but if there is someone capable to do it, then this is Felix.

This is not the first time that Baltimore is pit against a formidable opponent and the last time they had to compete against the stellar pitcher, they emerged victorious. Iwakuma was riding a hot streak when he was defeated by the Orioles and as a result of his failure, Seattle lost the opening game. Read more here:

Seattle sits in the third place, ahead of Texas, which is supposed to be good news, if it wasn’t for the Rangers having the worst season of the decade. LA Angels and Oakland are dominating the division and it is very difficult for the Mariners to play catch-up and win. One of the biggest surprises is that they fail to take advantage of home pitch and have a losing record in front of their fans, while using most of the games played away from home.

This is something that Baltimore can partially relate to, because even though the Orioles have a winning record regardless of venue, they did much better on the road. Kevin Gausman will do his best to win the pitchers’ duel, even though he starts as underdog against Felix Hernandez. He won four of the seven decisions and has an ERA of 4.04 which is nothing out of the ordinary.

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