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28 Apr

The hottest teams in the American League go head to head

The West division in the American League just got crowded as a result of Houston joining, but once again it looks like Oakland and Texas will be playing for the first place. Both teams have a decent chance at securing a playoffs berth, but none of them should underestimate the LA Angels. They currently sit in the third place, but remain within …

8 Dec

NY Yankees sign Carlos Beltran for three years

It is not unheard of for players to leave New York Yankees and others to transfer in for huge amounts, but now that Robinson Cano is out, the New Yorkers need to act quickly. Apparently they already have something going, and the player that they’ve recently transferred is Carlos Beltran who played for the St. Louis Cardinals last season. He used …

18 Nov

Changes forecasted for Padres and Phillies

The San Diego Padres were a big disappointment this season and one of the reasons for why they failed to meet their objectives is that they were unable to sign important players. Things might change this season, as Mike Dee is the new CEO and he’s willing to boosted payrolls, which means that some prominent players might be joining the Padres. On …

1 Aug

Nothing lasts forever in the Central division

Both central divisions are very competitive and several teams are contending for the first place, while the wildcard is a very elusive target. In the National League St. Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are well placed to make a late season run for the title, but in the American League only Cleveland and Detroit have a real chance at making the …

29 Jun

LA Angels try to keep hopes alive in Houston

Nobody said that the Angels will have it easy this season and except for their fans very few would’ve bet serious money on them to make the playoffs. So far, the reluctance to trust the former champions seems warranted by results as LA is sitting on the third place, ten victories behind leading Texas. At least on paper, they have a strong rotation …

24 May

Toronto counts on rookie to extend streak

The Blue Jays are still the worst team in the Eastern conference, but they are enjoying the best period of the season, with seven victories in the last 10 games. This recent surge allowed them to close the gap separating them from Tampa Bay, but they have good reasons to be worried about this match against Baltimore. They will be sending Sean …

4 Mar

Cuba obliterates China in World Baseball Classic

American media and baseball fans might not be paying a lot of attention to the World Baseball Classic, but the international competition has reached its second stage. There are very few surprises, and the fact that Cuba defeated China is a rather predictable result, but what makes this match worth mentioning is . They have scored 12 runs without …

19 Feb

Joe Torre leads Team USA in the World Baseball Classic

Surprising as it might sound, the United States are not very successful in the World Baseball Classic, a competition that is frequently won by other countries. One explanation for the lack of success is the fact that players don’t really focus on these games as they don’t receive massive checks for their efforts. In 2013, and plans on leading team …

1 Jan

Tejada settles for minor league deal

The 30-year-old infielder who used to be the AL MVP for consecutive times, had to settle for a minor league deal with the Royals in 2013. The last time he played in the majors was back in 2011 with the Giants, and since then he struggled to find his way back to MLB. The fact that Kansas City offered him a one-year deal worth $1.1 million with the …

23 Dec

Raul Ibanez joins the Mariners

Seattle has been bleeding quality players ever since the regular season ended, and it seemed like the Mariners gave up all hope. Some positive signs are finally showing, as Raul Ibanez agreed to a $2.75 million contract with the potential of rounding up the total to $4 million if he performs above expectations in 2013. says that the rumor is …

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