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30 Sep

Overpaid Phillies fail miserably in 2014

failing miserably, but those who sympathize with Philadelphia are going through a rough stretch. This team enjoyed a huge budget at the start of the regular season and many were expecting them to be a contender for the playoffs. The fact that they spent in excess of $180 million on a roster that was simply abysmal is probably one of the worst …

20 Jan

The Giants do the right thing with Buster Posey

For a team that has recently won the World Series in a fascinating manner, it is a bit surprising to see the lack of interest in acquiring vital players. While San Francisco can be satisfied with the current roster and only contemplate the opportunity of signing top players, it would’ve been a mistake not to keep Buster Posey. The Giants were …

15 Dec

NY Yankees add Suzuki to their lineup

Not a week passes without the New York Yankees signing another player and it appears like this club is a bottomless pit of money. A quick glance at their roster wouldn’t suggest the fact that they were needing another power hitter, but this didn’t prevent the Yankees from closing a $13 million deal with Ichiro Suzuki. He played for several years …

29 Aug

One more dream to shatter for San Diego

The Padres are out of the playoffs race and they know it all to well, but this doesn’t prevent them from ruining the plans that their opponents have weaved. San Diego is playing its best game this season and if all months would have been as successful as August, they would be competing for the first place in the National League. While form is …

24 Jul

MLB July 24 Houston Astros vs Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati is officially the best team in the National League as their 56 wins cement their position at the top of the leaderboard. A three games series against the worst team in the conference should boost their chances of winning the division and the Reds took advantage of the opening game. Houston might be a […]The post appeared first on …

24 Jul

MLB July 24 Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics

Money makes the world go round, but the NY Yankees find that hard to believe after getting swept in Oakland by the team with the second smallest budget in MLB. After winning all four matches against the New Yorkers in front of their fans, the A’s travel to Toronto to repeat their performance against another […]The post appeared first on …

23 Jul

MLB July 23rd St Louis Cardinals vs LA Dodgers

The reigning champions picked up the pieces after the All-Star Game and are back in the race for the elusive playoff spot. This is not the kind of team to hunt the wildcard and even though there are two of them offered to teams from each league, the Cardinals aim higher than that. Winning the […]The post appeared first on …

23 Jul

MLB July 23rd Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs

If someone would have said back in April that the Pittsburgh Pirates will hold the best record in baseball on home pitch, most punters would have dismissed the statement as nonsense. After the All-Star Game we are in the position of witnessing exactly that and for at least a week, there are rock solid reasons […]The post appeared first on …

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