Chicago Cubs lose debut game at new venue

28 Feb 2014 by admin, Comments Off on Chicago Cubs lose debut game at new venue

Riverview ParkIt is disappointing to say the least to lose the opening game at your new stadium, but this is exactly what happened to the Chicago Cubs when they welcome Arizona Diamondbacks. The fans flocked to the new arena, hoping that the team will improve in 2014 after another disappointing season, but they witnessed yet another defeat. This time the visiting team prevailed by five runs to two, despite the fact that Samardzija pitched two shutout innings.

The purpose of the game was to give several players a chance to shine so the starting pitcher was quickly replaced and from that point onwards everything went down the drain. The 14.5k fans at Riverview Park set a new record for a spring training game in Cactus League, but unfortunately for them they didn’t watch a crushing victory for their favorites.

The Cubs were every bit as toothless as they were in 2013 and their starting pitchers allowed too many runs for the hitting unit to keep them afloat. The Diamondbacks gave them a run for their money and pushed forward from the very beginning, being surprisingly motivated for a spring training game. Whether they were hell-bent on crashing Chicago’s home party, or they simply took the game seriously, hoping to identify the weaknesses in their own team, the results exceeded their expectations.

Cubs reliever Jose Veras was once again the weak link and gave up two runs in the sixth inning, making it virtually impossible for Chicago to stage an impressive comeback. The team was bleeding runs and despite their best efforts, neither the starting pitchers nor the relievers were able to stop it. Being a Chicago Cubs fan can sometimes be frustrating, but much to their credit, the ones at Riverview Park cheered for their favorites and gave them standing ovations at the end.

There were fireworks and speeches from local personalities, with several Hall of Famers also attending the game. Overall, the festivities were exciting and even though Chicago lost another game, those who attended the opening game at the new arena are unlikely to forget this memorable experience. For the time being, it is all fun and games and both the players and fans can enjoy the moment, but with the regular season starting in one month, things need to change for the better. The Cubs will be once again under tremendous pressure and very few people still have patience to wait for them to deliver.

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