Juventus hopes to capitalize on Dortmund’s struggles

15 Feb 2015 by admin, Comments Off on Juventus hopes to capitalize on Dortmund’s struggles

Juventus are the reigning champions in Italy and they have good reasons to expect another comfortable victory at the end of the season. They already have plenty of points ahead of AS Roma who suffered another major setback in front of its fans, by failing to win against the last place Parma. Everything is going according to the plan and the next challenge is to defeat Dortmund in the champions league groups, while booking a seat in the quarterfinals.

It is never easy to win on the road in Germany, but Dortmund is nothing more than a shadow of the team that played in the competition’s final. They allow plenty of goals and even though they have a couple of strikers that can get the Italians in trouble, they are struggling with injuries. With so many players spending time on the bench trying to return to fitness, it comes as no surprise that the starting 11 is prone to fatigue and many of these players are not competing at the top level.juventus

Juventus had no problem in winning the group and advancing to the next stage of the competition, despite the fact that it had to battle with tough opponents. Home pitch advantage has been huge so far and the Italians will need to aim all three points in the first leg, to stay alive in this race. Winning on the road is not impossible given Dortmund’s recent struggles, but with a 80,000 fans chanting for the home team, this is not the kind of atmosphere that visitors enjoy.

The Germans have their fair share of problems and they will need to make some adjustments in the starting formation ahead of this fixture. The domestic championship is more or less of a joke, because except for the reigning champions were dominating and heading towards another title, the other teams are mediocre at best. If Dortmund doesn’t consolidate its defenses while being more incisive upfront, there is a good chance for Juventus to steamroll past them.

Immobile and Aubemeyang are the players that the home side relies on ahead of this fixture, but they weren’t particularly successful over the last couple of months. The visitors know how to defend and they have three quality strikers of their own, with Tevez, Morata and Llorente scoring a combined 21 goals this season. The home side is the one that players should wager on and as long as the odds revolve around even value, you simply can’t ask for more.

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