Madison Bumgarner to pitch in opening game

20 Oct 2014 by admin, Comments Off on Madison Bumgarner to pitch in opening game

Compared to the team that won two World Series over the last decade, San Francisco is relying on players that have a lot to prove. The key features and a couple of veterans will be present in the final series of the postseason, but some of them have been banished. Tim Lincecum for example won’t be playing against Kansas City, with several features in the bullpen being also on the disabled list and they need to manage their injuries quickly if they are to play in this series.

Madison BumgarnerOn the bright side, they have some great options for the first two games, with Madison Bumgarner being the chosen pitcher for the first match. He has posted terrific numbers throughout the season and has the experience necessary to perform at the highest level. Pundits are confident in his ability to deny the Royals a chance to take the early lead, while keeping the team alive long enough for the players in the bullpen to get away with a victory.

An interesting analysis about what the Giants expect from Madison in this series can be found at The left-hander was preferred by manager Bruce Bochy for his uncanny ability to stay cool under pressure and the fact that he won 18 decisions definitely helps. He was the MVP of the series against St. Louis Cardinals, so it makes perfect sense for San Francisco to rely on him once again.

There were some concerns regarding his fitness, but apparently he is fit to play and will be joined by Tim Hudson and Jake Peavy in the next two games. These two starting pitchers have participated in many playoffs games, so despite the fact that pressure is crushing some of their teammates, they are expected to weather the storm quite right. All the starting pitchers need to last at least six or even several evenings, because Kansas City has a reputation of having the best bullpen of all major league baseball teams.

Lincecum used to be a key player for the Giants, but 2014 was a disappointing season overall and somehow in accord with his previous performances. He is undergoing treatment for a health problem and given the fact that he has a stiff neck, the manager decided not to rely on him. Tim would’ve been a hit or miss anyway, because he has the tendency of alternating stellar performances with disappointing results and this is not the kind of risk that San Francisco can afford to take in the World Series.

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