Overpaid Phillies fail miserably in 2014

30 Sep 2014 by admin, Comments Off on Overpaid Phillies fail miserably in 2014

It is very difficult to feel bad about overpaid players failing miserably, but those who sympathize with Philadelphia are going through a rough stretch. This team enjoyed a huge budget at the start of the regular season and many were expecting them to be a contender for the playoffs. The fact that they spent in excess of $180 million on a roster that was simply abysmal is probably one of the worst investments ever made by a baseball club.

sportbettingOnce again they had a losing record and were on the verge of hitting the psychological threshold of 90 games lost, but things are bad enough as they are. Something needs to change and many of these overpaid players will probably find new teams, with the top management being concerned about the recent meltdown. Ryan Howard is fully aware of the fact that things can’t possibly continue at this pace and he made some speculations about what might happen next.

It is everyone’s guess what might happen in 2015 and beyond, but one thing that will probably change is the salary of some of the best eight players. Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz and Jimmy Rollins are just a few of the players who should expect a significant shrinkage of their salary. At the time of writing, they are dwelling on the inflated paychecks that are the result of their performance in previous seasons. Since they are only a pale shadow of their former selves, it makes perfect sense for their salaries to be axed.

There are so many players who earn a lot of money in Philadelphia, that it shouldn’t be too difficult to cut down on costs. Ryan Sandberg was expected to turn the club around in August last year, but he wasn’t much better than his predecessor. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong did, so what the team needs right now is a master reset and they should start all over again from scratch.

Saying that the Phillies need better hitters would’ve sounded funny and those offering such a nonsense advise would’ve been ridiculed by the media and fans alike. Nowadays, it is obvious that Philadelphia needs to invest in players that are capable of actually hitting the ball, even if they don’t have the impressive resume of their predecessors. Utley and Rollins can consider themselves lucky to have no trade clauses, but there are several players who won’t remain with Philadelphia at the end of the season.

Many questions about the players in the starting rotation are yet to be answered and Cole Hamels is probably going to be traded to another team. The sad part is that he is one of the best pitchers and with an earned-run average of 2.46 in 2014, many Phillies fans are sad to see him go. Cliff Lee is another formidable pitcher who might play elsewhere, but right now he’s mending his injuries and there are not many teams willing to take a leap of faith with the veteran.

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