12 Feb

A.J. Burnett looking for a new team

Toronto had no intention in claiming back AJ Burnett, despite the fact that the fans were a bit nostalgic about the times when the starting pitcher played in Canada. As a result, he is now a free agent and there are a couple of teams willing to hire him fourth 2014 and beyond, with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh being the top contenders. The latter …

28 Jan

Arizona sets the bar high for 2014

After winning exactly half of the 162 games played in 2013, the Diamondbacks have realized that in order to make the playoffs and have a chance at the World Series, they need to invest more. Last season, they had just $90 million to spend, the 20th budget in the league, but they’ve added almost $20 million on top of that. As a result, they have …

9 Jan

Tom Glavine joins the Hall of Fame

these days and not surprising, the one that everyone is talking right now is Greg Maddux. His addition came as no surprise and the fact that he was elected almost unanimously only confirms the fact that he played a major role in improving the game. It would be unfair not to say a few words about Tom Glavine who was also a remarkable pitcher and …

26 Dec

LA Dodgers add three relievers to their rotation

There are plenty of things that the LA Dodgers lacked in 2013 but starting pitchers were definitely not one of them. The West Coast team had some of the best pitchers in the league and some remarkable hitters, which makes it even more surprising that they failed miserably in their attempt at winning the World Series. The same scenario repeated …

8 Dec

NY Yankees sign Carlos Beltran for three years

It is not unheard of for players to leave New York Yankees and others to transfer in for huge amounts, but now that Robinson Cano is out, the New Yorkers need to act quickly. Apparently they already have something going, and the player that they’ve recently transferred is Carlos Beltran who played for the St. Louis Cardinals last season. He used …

18 Nov

Changes forecasted for Padres and Phillies

The San Diego Padres were a big disappointment this season and one of the reasons for why they failed to meet their objectives is that they were unable to sign important players. Things might change this season, as Mike Dee is the new CEO and he’s willing to boosted payrolls, which means that some prominent players might be joining the Padres. On …

31 Oct

David Ortiz considered for Hall of Fame

Now that the Red Sox have finally won the World Series at Fenway Park after 95 years, one of their best players should be considered for the Hall of Fame. David Ortiz, led Boston to another title by making short work of the Cardinals in six games, yet there are many who argue that he is not Hall of Fame material. On the other hand, he has numerous …

11 Oct

Verlander leads Detroit to ALCS

Detroit had to overcome a lot of adversity the series against Oakland, but for consecutive seasons they eliminated the A’s and secured a place in the ALCS. This time they will be facing Boston Red Sox and this is the kind of opponent that can derail their World Series plans. They have the sluggers to put even their best starting pitchers to the …

30 Sep

Tampa Bay prepares for two decisive wildcard games

At the beginning of last week it looked like Cleveland and Tampa Bay were going to square off in a decisive game between the two wild-card winners. The two teams were ahead of Texas and played against weak opponents, while the Rangers got ready to face the LA Angels. Surprising enough, Texas swept their divisional rivals just like the Indians did, …

15 Sep

Red-hot Nationals unwilling to give up

One week ago, they were pit against crushing odds but still the Nationals persevered and they have reduced the gap separating them from Cincinnati to just five victories. Washington won seven consecutive games before falling short of adding the eighth triumph, in a game that saw Philadelphia resisting heroically until the very end. The Nationals …

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