30 Aug

A star returns to revive Philadelphia

Not so long ago Roy Halladay was one of the best assets for Toronto and when the starting pitcher left the team for Philadelphia, everybody expected him to become a world champion. For many years, he suffered from insufficient support and the Blue Jays were incapable of making the playoffs, something that the Phillies were expected to deliver …

13 Aug

LA Angels aim for rare win at Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees won 7/9 games against Los Angeles Angels at home and with CC Sabathia as starting pitcher they should only improve their percentage. This is what things look on paper, because the reality is very different and their once stellar pitcher is struggling to avoid his 11th defeat this season. He conceded an average of five runs per …

1 Aug

Nothing lasts forever in the Central division

Both central divisions are very competitive and several teams are contending for the first place, while the wildcard is a very elusive target. In the National League St. Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are well placed to make a late season run for the title, but in the American League only Cleveland and Detroit have a real chance at making the …

14 Jul

St. Louis has to settle for a draw against Chicago Cubs

The Cardinals are tied for the lead in the Central division and with Pittsburgh winning three games in a row, St. Louis can’t afford any false steps. Adam Wainwright is also tied for the lead with Oakland’s Bartolo Colon and could tie Detroit’s Scherzer for 13 victories. The Tiger’s starter lost his first decision last night and Colon is …

29 Jun

LA Angels try to keep hopes alive in Houston

Nobody said that the Angels will have it easy this season and except for their fans very few would’ve bet serious money on them to make the playoffs. So far, the reluctance to trust the former champions seems warranted by results as LA is sitting on the third place, ten victories behind leading Texas. At least on paper, they have a strong rotation …

10 Jun

Something’s got to give tonight

Detroit is leading the central division with five more victories than the runner ups, but they should be more concerned about Kansas City. The Royals are sitting on the third place but they are red-hot and have won five consecutive games, so they might close the gap if they win the home series. One way to explain their success is to take a look at …

24 May

Toronto counts on rookie to extend streak

The Blue Jays are still the worst team in the Eastern conference, but they are enjoying the best period of the season, with seven victories in the last 10 games. This recent surge allowed them to close the gap separating them from Tampa Bay, but they have good reasons to be worried about this match against Baltimore. They will be sending Sean …

30 Apr

The Marlins aim the third victory in a row

Miami has won two consecutive games for the first time this season and appear to be favorites to win the third match. The odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, and those who are willing to trust the Major League Baseball worst team could find some that exceed even value. The true question is whether Miami has what it takes to win the series after …

17 Apr

Oakland aims another AL West title

Well before the regular season began, the article at suggested that Oakland should be regarded as a serious contender in 2013. While they are still searching for their first World Series trophy, the Athletics are definitely on the right track and now they own the best record in the conference. Their investments paid off and if they can keep up …

30 Mar

Justin Verlander is worth $200 million

Everyone knew that Justin Verlander is a very valuable pitcher, but until recently nobody was able to state with absolute confidence how much he is worth. The Detroit Tigers made it clear for everyone that $200 million are not too much for their best player and went against common baseball rules stating that pitchers shouldn’t be given long-term …

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