17 Mar

Washington needs to meet high expectations

Last season was terrific in regulation time and not so great in the playoffs, because after finishing with the best record in baseball the Nationals failed to win the World Series. There are a couple of reasons for why they are entitled to stay optimistic in 2013 and the bookmakers already took notice by adjusting the odds.

The most …

4 Mar

Cuba obliterates China in World Baseball Classic

American media and baseball fans might not be paying a lot of attention to the World Baseball Classic, but the international competition has reached its second stage. There are very few surprises, and the fact that Cuba defeated China is a rather predictable result, but what makes this match worth mentioning is . They have scored 12 runs without …

19 Feb

Joe Torre leads Team USA in the World Baseball Classic

Surprising as it might sound, the United States are not very successful in the World Baseball Classic, a competition that is frequently won by other countries. One explanation for the lack of success is the fact that players don’t really focus on these games as they don’t receive massive checks for their efforts. In 2013, and plans on leading team …

28 Jan

Oakland has big plans for 2013

Anyone who has seen the movie Moneyball, knows that Oakland is the kind of team that is used to achieving formidable results with very little money. Billy Beane is regarded as the architect of the team, and the general manager has plenty of things to look forward to in 2013. Unlike the previous years when the A’s had low expectations and hopes …

20 Jan

The Giants do the right thing with Buster Posey

For a team that has recently won the World Series in a fascinating manner, it is a bit surprising to see the lack of interest in acquiring vital players. While San Francisco can be satisfied with the current roster and only contemplate the opportunity of signing top players, it would’ve been a mistake not to keep Buster Posey. The Giants were …

13 Jan

Francisco Liriano deal on hold

Not so long ago, Francisco Liriano was a sought-after pitcher that some of the best MLB clubs were hoping to sign. He played for seven consecutive seasons in major league baseball, but the final year was perhaps the least successful one. As his earned run average climbed to 5.34, one point higher than his average for all seven seasons, Francisco …

1 Jan

Tejada settles for minor league deal

The 30-year-old infielder who used to be the AL MVP for consecutive times, had to settle for a minor league deal with the Royals in 2013. The last time he played in the majors was back in 2011 with the Giants, and since then he struggled to find his way back to MLB. The fact that Kansas City offered him a one-year deal worth $1.1 million with the …

23 Dec

Raul Ibanez joins the Mariners

Seattle has been bleeding quality players ever since the regular season ended, and it seemed like the Mariners gave up all hope. Some positive signs are finally showing, as Raul Ibanez agreed to a $2.75 million contract with the potential of rounding up the total to $4 million if he performs above expectations in 2013. says that the rumor is …

15 Dec

NY Yankees add Suzuki to their lineup

Not a week passes without the New York Yankees signing another player and it appears like this club is a bottomless pit of money. A quick glance at their roster wouldn’t suggest the fact that they were needing another power hitter, but this didn’t prevent the Yankees from closing a $13 million deal with Ichiro Suzuki. He played for several years …

8 Dec

Boston rebounds after abysmal season

It seemed like no matter what the Red Sox would do to safeguard the recently concluded season, nothing would deliver results. Now that it is all over, Boston needs to look towards the future and rebound by making some inspired acquisitions without spending a fortune in the process. The first moves are encouraging and signing Koji Uehara for two …

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