2 Dec

Rivera gets another chance with the Yankees

It took the Yankees long enough to for another season, but eventually the club and the 43-year-old player reached an agreement. He had to accept a slight decrease in his one-year contract, but in exchange of receiving only $10 million, he can earn additional amounts by winning the MVP award, on either the World Series or the league championship. …

23 Nov

NY Yankees decide to keep Kuroda

The Yankees were never cheap and whenever they were presented with the opportunity of keeping their best players, they didn’t wait for a second chance to make a move. The same happened this year when they made sure that Sabathia and other key players wouldn’t depart, but until this week they were not so persuasive when negotiating with Kuroda. It …

17 Nov

Toronto Blue Jays sign the biggest deal yet

Everybody thought that the Blue Jays were going to lay down their weapons and accept the mediocrity in which they sank this season, and focus on minor acquisitions. Until recently, these speculations were confirmed by the purchase of young players that still need to make a name for themselves in major league baseball. Now that the All-Star game …

11 Nov

Free agents turn down $13.3 millions

After the playoffs concluded, many of the players became free agents and their teams were presented with the opportunity of making a qualifying offer. This gives the clubs the first option but it is entirely up to the players to accept the new deal, and this year none of the free-agents settled for the $13.3 million. It might sound surprising, but …

7 Nov

Miguel Cabrera is the new king of the hill

It was not solid pitching that helped Detroit make it as far as they did in the playoffs, but outstanding hitters such as Miguel Cabrera. The slugger pushed his team as far as he could, but unfortunately for him and the Tigers, San Francisco proved more than a match for the American League side. Awful pitching and an overall weakness waused them …

2 Nov

Red Sox reluctant to let David Ortiz go

If there is one team in major league baseball that should be awarded the prize for the biggest disappointment in 2012, then Boston should be it. They have squandered every opportunity they got to make it to the playoffs and eventually finished on the last spot in the Eastern division, 26 points behind their archrivals. It is difficult to pinpoint …

28 Oct

The last chance to back the Giants

This year’s World Series is fascinating for a couple of reasons, and most baseball enthusiasts will place the emphasis on the dominance displayed by San Francisco. The Giants were on the brink of elimination in both series and suddenly decided that they don’t want to go through the same ordeal against the Tigers. Not even Justin Verlander could …

25 Oct

San Francisco aims the magical double

The Giants prove without a doubt that they have what it takes to recover after losing the first two games of the series, but this would not be the case against Detroit. The visitors failed to win the opening match despite having their ace pitcher on the mound, and now need Doug Fister to tie the series. He has an 3.45 ERA which doesn’t make him an …

21 Oct

A giant leap forward for San Francisco

The Giants need to do it again and rebound from a two-point deficit to win the series, this time against the Cardinals. St. Louis had an opportunity to close the game two nights ago but lost in front of their fans by five runs to zero and now need a single victory in San Francisco. This is easier said than done, because the AT&T Park turns …

16 Oct

Breaking the Yankees

After a bitter fight against the Orioles and the Rays, New York Yankees found a way of winning the conference and secured home pitch advantage throughout the playoffs. To say that it didn’t help them one bit would be an understatement, because with Detroit winning both games at Yankee Stadium, the Tigers are now just two wins away from the World …

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