The hottest teams in the American League go head to head

28 Apr 2014 by admin, Comments Off on The hottest teams in the American League go head to head

The West division in the American League just got crowded as a result of Houston joining, but once again it looks like Oakland and Texas will be playing for the first place. Both teams have a decent chance at securing a playoffs berth, but none of them should underestimate the LA Angels. They currently sit in the third place, but remain within striking distance and have the sort of players that can always tip the balance in their favor.

Right now, the A’s and the Rangers are tied for the first place with 15 victories and 10 defeats, but there are many more similarities. For example, Texas won nine games at home and lost four, while splitting the 12 games on the road. This is exactly the opposite record of Oakland, who won most of the games away from the Coliseum, where they didn’t manage more than six victories.Oakland

They have the best record in the American League, tied with the New York Rangers, but the difference is that their East Coast rivals have allowed more runs than they scored. This is a really strange thing for one of the best hitting teams in baseball, but this is not the time or the place to discuss the Yankees struggles. What we try to determine here is whether we should back Texas in front of its fans, or take a leap of faith with Oakland on the road.

One reason for why we should side with the home team is that it has Darvish pitching and he is a formidable player, whose reputation precedes him. Furthermore, Texas has an excellent head to head record against Oakland and lastly, they have home pitch advantage. To be perfectly fair, the A’s have been dominant on the road and they have a positive run difference, as compared with the Rangers who allowed and scored exactly 110 runs.

Another reason to go against the current and trust the visitors to prevail at Arlington Park, is that bookmakers are overly confident in the hosts’ ability to prevail. As a result we got inflated odds of 2.25 for the Athletics to win on the road, which are simply too good to turn down. This match is at best a coin flip, so it makes perfect sense to choose the better odds since the game could go either way.

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